Meal Plan Monday: April 25-May 1


healthy nachos

Spring always gets me excited about eating healthy.  I had the weekend off and I decided to get serious about meal planning again.  I do love cooking, but I HATE deciding what to cook when I get off work.  I am much more enthusiastic about preparing dinner when I have a plan.  A little planning goes a long way with me!

I scoured my Pinterest page and I am trying a bunch of new recipes this week. I will let you know what the verdict is for each new menu item!

April 2016

Lunches – Salads and Veggie Fried Rice

Over the past few months I have been gradually adding more and more glass bowls (like Pyrex) with lids to add to my kitchen.  Once a week I buy a big container of organic greens, cut up my vegetables, and prepare all of my salads for my lunches in these bowls.  I pile them high with veggies – so they really are satisfying!  Typically I add peppers, carrots, celery, sprouts, almonds or walnuts, and cherry tomatoes.  These salads are very healthy and give me lots of good nutrients, but they are cold.  I am a naturally cold person – so sometimes I like a little warmth from my food at lunch time.  The only problem is, I am incredibly picky when it comes to what I will eat heated up as leftovers.  Rice and or pasta dishes are about all I can do as far as leftovers go and I do NOT cook leftover meat in a microwave.  This veggie fried rice was delicious!  Not only could I use eggs from my backyard chicken flock, but it is also full of veggies and tastes awesome even after cooking in the microwave.


I didn’t look closely enough at this recipe before I chose it.  When I pulled it up to make it my heart sank when I read the words “cook spinach according to package directions.”  There are some vegetables I just can’t stand cooked and spinach is right up there with them.  However, I am trying to give different foods a second try to win my affection.  This was an “ok” attempt.  My husband really liked it – which is good since I doubled the recipe and put three in the freezer for future use.  I did eat the whole thing, but I am definitely not rushing to make this one again.

26 – Asparagus and Parmesan Tart

I really wanted to put the onion in this tart like the recipe called for, but my husband hates them.  So, we made ours sans onion.  The lemon in this tart REALLY shows itself!  I think it blends very well with the cheese and the asparagus.  The only thing I would change was making this recipe when asparagus was actually in season.  I think it is a little early to be getting the really good stuff!  It was pretty woody stuff.

I actually pre-made the crust in the morning from scratch!  I par baked it and then my husband made the filling so it would be all ready when I got home from work.  I LOVE making pie crust from scratch and even added some herbs for fun!

27 – Citrus Chicken Qinoa Salad

I actually made this recipe for lunch, as my husband and I had the day off together but I worked in the evening.  It was awesome!!!!  I will certainly be making this one again!  I even kept the cilantro as an ingredient in the dressing and actually liked it!  The avocados I bought weren’t ripe yet, so next time we will add them as well!

28 – Eggplant Rollatini

How could I have picked two spinach recipes in one week?!?  Luckily for me, I forgot to pull the spinach out to thaw in time so I had to make these cheese only – shucks! They were good!  I should probably also wait until eggplant is a little more readily available.  I was scraping the bottom of the barrel finding the ones I did, so you can imagine the freshness level…. Maybe I can experiment with a different vegetable option to stuff them with instead of spinach.

29 – Mini Pepper Nachos

I actually made these as our entree versus a snack or appetizer like the recipe called for.  I think they made a nice Friday night meal! I love substituting vegetables for bread/grain products.

30 – Leftovers/Scrounge

May 2016

1 Leftovers/Scrounge

Maybe we will get more ambitious with dinner for the weekend, but for now I am working both jobs this weekend so we won’t have much time for dinner.  Based on our menu, I’d say we will have some really tasty leftovers though!

Steaks on the grill and Zucchini Pasta with Avacado Pesto

We actually will get ambitious tonight and try to make some steaks on the grill.  I had done some cleaning in the kitchen and found my veggie spiralizer! My plan is to make the zucchini pasta while my husband is grilling.  I will let you know how it goes!

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