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Essential Oils, Positive Affirmations, and Chakras


My favorite Essential Oil? Balance!


This Doterra blend is my go-to staple and I don’t think that it is a coincidence that balance is also what I strive for most in my life.  I tend to have a lot of internal battles raging inside me as my Type-A, perfectionist side fights my creative, free-spirit side.  What I strive for most is a balance between the two where they can live in harmony. 🙂

I came across this handy chart for chakra balancing with essential oils on Pinterest and I decided to give it a try.  I liked the idea of targeting each chakra with a different oil to promote whole body balance. I made a roller bottle with each oil to easily apply them every day.  I don’t have DigestZen yet, so I substituted Bergamot instead.  I also used Wild Orange instead of Citrus Bliss because I need a little extra cheer in the morning. 😉

Chakra Chart.jpg

These seven oils are an awesome oil routine that I have really grown to love!  But I wanted to take it one step further.  Each oil is supposed to be doing some positive work for my body and I wanted to make sure my brain was clued into what I was doing as well.  So, I decided to start including a daily affirmation with each oil.  Every morning, as I am applying the oils, I look at myself in the mirror while I recite an affirmation for each chakra.

  1.  Elevation – Today I choose to be happy.  I am the owner of my own emotions and no one else gets to control how I will feel today.

  2. Serenity – I see the best in others and in myself.

  3. Whisper – I am a woman with a voice and I will not stay silent.  I will use my voice to stand up for myself and what is right.

  4. Breathe – I breathe out fear and breathe in hope.

  5. Bergamot – I am confident in myself and my abilities.

  6. Wild Orange – I value my relationships with others and I strive to be a positive light in their day.

  7. Balance – I am balanced and grounded.

By verbally reciting these daily affirmations I become more mindful of what my body can use these essential oils to do.  It is a great morning routine that gets me ready for the day!  If you want to start your own chakra balancing essential oil routine, feel free to use the oils that make sense to you.  You can also change the affirmations to target your own personal goals.

To make the roller bottles I used 6 drops of each oil and filled the rest with fractionated coconut oil.  Now each oil is very easy to apply and my pure oils will last longer!


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